BBC Radio 4 programme exploring the evolution of flamenco in Andalucia. An art form that has become a vehicle for social protest as Spain’s economic woes rumble ever onward. 

An article from @DazedMagazine that features interviews with various young Spanish creatives and writers, taking their views on the malaise engulfing the country and brief thoughts on youth culture’s possible responses to austerity, encroaching poverty and what it means to be young and creative in crisis era Spain. 

The article also features a clickable link to an interview with the author of the piece, journalist Begoña Gomez Urzaiz, at the bottom of the page.

A brief audio piece from @TomBurridgebbc on the Spanish miners and their cross-country walk in protest at subsidy cuts. Today in Madrid there were clashes with police firing rubber-bullets into the crowds that had joined to swell the miners’ support.

Linking through to two more episodes of recorded conversations with Greek people, offering their reflections on the tumult of everyday life amidst the chronic political and social uncertainty wrought by two years of ongoing austerity measures.

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from @aaronjohnpeters - the new mechanisms at the heart of protest culture in the 21st century. Here, the example is the UK student protest movement.

courtesy of TIME Magazine

what is order? notes from Rosa Luxemburg.

what is order? notes from Rosa Luxemburg.